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Ozone Soap Bar (Ozolabs)

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This ozonated soap bar contains only water, ozonated oils, sodium hydroxide and sodium chloride. No added fragrances or colors. Many patients find this product effective for clearing problem skin.



At OZOLABS, we strive to control the quality of each of our processes and ingredients. We start with the oils we ozonate, as each of them has specific chemical and organoleptic characteristics that are critical to the quality and effectiveness of our final products. We hand pick our oils, by geographic region and variety, and we also know the producers personally. Specifically, our olive oil comes from a region of Spain known for its superb olives, and it is one of the most sought after in the world. Our producers collect the olives at 6am, when the temperature is exactly 8 degrees Celsius, to ensure that the olives do not loose any of their properties, and manufacture the oil according to their proprietary, traditional processes. All of our oils are first cold pressed and certified organic.

Our sunflower oil comes from the South of France, where the endless sunflower fields that Van Gogh painted come in full bloom every August. Our producers carefully manufacture each crop and ship to us their best products. We keep all of our oils at a specific temperature and painstakingly test the oils before they are used in the manufacturing of our skin care products. Combined with the natural ingredients we use in all our formulations, the ozonated oils are key to the remarkable anti-aging and renewing properties of our products. Our specific oils are selected according to their beneficial properties to the skin, the hair or even the mouth. We continuously work on creating new blends of exquisite oils.


Ozone oils are used around the world as versatile therapeutic tools that can improve the quality and appearance of the skin. Ozonated oils have anti-oxidant and nourishing properties that result from the reaction of ozone with unsaturated oleic and linoleic acids contained in vegetable oils. The oxidative stress experienced by our skin can be lessened by using ozonated oils and creams, achieving a younger, healthier looking skin.*

OZOLABS combines our ozonated oils with other ingredients, all approved in Europe for use in organic formulations, to potentiate and complement their properties. Even the most sensitive skins will benefit from OZOLABS range of skin care products. As you use our products, you will notice an increase in your skin’s radiance and healthful appearance.

Some of the most sophisticated dentists in the United States use ozone to attain prime oral health for their patients. OZOLABS toothpaste boasts a PH of 10, fostering an alkaline oral environment that deters tooth decay. Our main ingredients are finest grain baking soda, our ozonated oils, and Xylitol, a natural ingredient proven hostile to bacterial growth. We completed this formulation with peppermint essential oil, salvia and chamomile extracts. Ozone is hope.

Ozonated oils can stimulate the fibroblasts, which produce collagen and elastin. They also improve cell oxygenation
, stimulate skin repair/regeneration
 and activate anti-oxidant processes. We bottle our products in high quality violet glass, which blocks all the spectrum of visible light except violet color, helping preserve the stability and properties of our products.

OZOLABS uses the highest quality organic oils imported from Southern Europe. All other ingredients are plant-derived and approved in Europe for the manufacturing of organic products.


Here are some ideas on how to use our products*:

For everyday skin care: We suggest that you wash your face or body with Ozolabs’ bar soap. Follow with the ozonated oil or cream. Some people use the oil at night and the cream in the mornings. Remember, a very small amount of our products will go a long way. Start with the smallest amount possible and repeat as needed until the cream or oil are applied in the selected area.

*None of the statements on this website have been evaluated by the FDA. OZOLABS’ products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease. If you have a skin problem and/or any doubts or questions regarding whether you should use these products, please consult with a physician. Please check for potential allergies to oils by trying a small amount of our products on your skin prior to using them regularly. If you experience an allergic reaction, stop using the product at once and contact your physician.