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Mitochondrial Renewal Kit

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Representing a remarkable ~10% of body weight, mitochondria produce more than 95% of your body's energy. The more of these "fuel stations" your cells contain, the more calories you can burn, leaving less fat to contribute to diabetes or obesity, for instance. Mitochondria are produced via mitochondrial biogenesis, the stimulation of which can help delay aging and maintain health as we age. While caloric restriction and exercise potently activate molecular "switches" controlling mitochondrial biogenesis, a simpler solution comes in the form of the Mitochondrial Renewal Kit containing nutraceuticals shown to activate the very same switches! Three scientifically-formulated, safe and effective dietary supplements - ALAmax CR, N.O.max ER and Resveratin - seamlessly act as one to help enable the restoration of a lifetime.

Patient Success

"After exercising, my muscles and joints would not recover very quickly. Days later, they would still be sore. I tried the Mitochondrial Renewal Kit from the Institute for Progressive Medicine. And my muscles and joints are recovering quickly now. Thanks for this simple improvement." -J.F.