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Home IPM Hello and welcome to our updated IPM online store!

Hello and welcome to our updated IPM online store!

We carry some of the best physician-only branded nutritional supplements. The products we offer through our online store cover many of the supplements our doctors use and recommend to their patients. Some of the updates we have added to the new store format include:

  • Enhanced product search and categories.
  • More popular physician-brand supplement options.
  • New products from Thorne Research, Klaire Labs and Metabolic Maintenance.
  • Faster and easier single-page checkout with additional payment options.

Our stock is small with the freshest dates, stored in ideal conditions and cycled regularly. Refrigerated products are always stored cold and refrigerated in our office.

If your cannot find something you are looking for, please contact us at and we will do our best to assist you.

Make sure to add yourself to our e-mail list to receive regular special discounts and coupons for free shipping.

Thank you for shopping and have a great day!

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