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Designed to help maintain optimal urinary tract function, UT Guard's blend of nutrients, botanicals, and nutraceuticals have been combined to limit inflammation and tissue irritation, and can provide a natural alternative or complimentary therapy for mild acute and chronic urinary tract infections. 30% OFF

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Bladder Ease is a combination supplement designed to nutritionally support those with interstitial cystitis (IC).Ingredients for this formula have been chosen for their ability to help reduce inflammation or to help reduce pain and urgency.


Scientific research and traditional herbal medicine are integrated to provide this unique and reliable formulation. This product is often recommended as support for those with frequent bladder or urinary tract infections, as well as patients who wish to promote overall urinary tract health.


Zand Silva Solution Advanced is a unique, proprietary blend of pure liquid microscopic homeopathic silver (argentum metallicum) plus other powerful homeopathic medicines that provide an extraordinary natural treatment alternative for symptoms of colds, flu and more.


D-Mannose is a natural sugar found in many foods such as cranberries. It is a powerful maintainer of a healthy mucosal lining in the urinary tract. Especially useful for those suffering from chronic urinary tract infections or irritation.