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Sinatrol supports healthy sinus function for those with seasonal allergies or mucus buildup and irritation in the nasal passages. 60 Capsule size.


Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray 10ppm, 2 fl. oz.


Perimine is a patented extract of perilla seed (Perilla frutescens), an herb that supports a healthy respiratory and immune response. Usual dose is an ongoing herbal support for normal breathing and a healthy immune response. Traditionally used to support respiratory health.


One of our most popular formulas with those suffering from seasonal allergy symptoms, Natural D-hist is a non-drowsy, natural, fast acting product for support for discomfort caused by seasonal allergies.


Xlear nasal spray contains Xylitol, which is one of bacteria’s natural enemies. When certain harmful bacteria enter the body, they attach to the membranes of the nose and throat. Xlear Nasal Wash flushes harmful bacteria away.


N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) is a derivative of the dietary amino acid l-cysteine. NAC has a high affinity for lung tissue, which it supports through mucolytic and antioxidant action. By disrupting disulfide bonds, NAC thins mucus. It is a powerful free radical scavenger and thus supports the body's natural defense system. 30% OFF

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