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Common Sense Teeth Cleaning Powder is a dentist recommended natural way to reduce pathogenic bacteria in the mouth. 4.5 oz. bottle

Organic Ozonated Soap with a smooth Lavender Oil scent (single bar)

Organic Unscented Ozonated Soap (single bar)

Organic Ozonated Coconut oil with a lavender essential oil scent. This product is 2oz. Excellent for wounds, dry or cracked skin, lines and wrinkels.


Naturally clean ozonated soap bar. 3.5 oz.

Pancreas Natural Glandular Pork from Allergy Research Group are digestive enzymes from pork pancreas. They are used as digestive enzymes but in particular for nutritional supporte of patients with cancer. 30% OFF

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Spry Peppermint Mints provide a fresh burst of citrus in a tiny, flavorful mint, and may reduce the risk of tooth decay!


Vita-Myr Zinc-Plus Xtra Toothpaste is a natural way to keep your breath fresh, your gums healthy and your teeth clean and bright. This herbal toothpaste formula has the cavity fighting and antioxidant power of xylitol and CoQ10.


Vita-Myr Zinc-Plus Herbal Mouthwash is a unique, all natural mouthwash that freshens breath, helps to control plaque and revitalizes your mouth. Enjoy the benefits of the natural ingredients, Myrrh and Clove oil, used traditionally through the ages to maintain healthy teeth and gums.


BD's basal digital thermometer is used by women to check basal body temperature to increase the likelihood of conception and to help understand the fertility cycle.